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At Beckett Financial Group, commitment to personalized service is at the core of our values. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of financial services and income planning solutions. Our team of expert advisors specialize in retirement planning, individual and group life insurance, long term care insurance, group disability coverage, and college savings plans. With access to over 30 different carriers, we have the freedom to tailor individual plans that precisely align with your goals. As an independent company, they have the freedom to make decisions and operate without any external ownership or control with their financial planning strategies.


First we will meet to get to know one another, discuss your current financial situation, and discover where you dream to be


With a clear understanding of your financial situation, we will conduct a thorough analysis and create a plan to accomplish your financial goals.


Once we have come to an agreement on your options, we can begin putting your plan in motion!

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At Beckett Financial Group we offer the guidance of not only trusted advisors but experienced advisors. Our team has become a staple of West Columbia through years of hard work and community engagement.

Jason "JB" Beckett


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Director of Client Relations & Events Coordinator

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Financial Educator & Community Relations Liaison

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security & growth

Although financial planning can involve many processes and solutions, the ultimate goals are security and growth. Beckett Financial Group helps our clients develop a financial plan that protects assets and seeks safe growth opportunities.

Customer & Community Care

Our clients are not just names in our book of business; they are our neighbors and fellow businesspeople, deserving solutions and strategies that work toward financial independence. This is why we also help consumers with their Medicare and Affordable Care Act needs, through regular enrollment events.

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Jason "JB" Beckett


JB Beckett has been an advisor for 24 years and leads Beckett Financial Group, a specialized financial firm that helps individuals and businesses in the Retirement Red Zone, build Tax-smart Retirement Income Blueprints allowing them the freedom to overcome their concerns about inflation, market volatility, and taxes to retire sooner.

JB, an Independent Fiduciary Advisor, has been featured in Kiplinger, U.S. News & World Report, Fortune, Market Watch, USA Today and Forbes. JB has received multiple awards including being named the 2023 North American Business Person of the Year by Alignable. He is passionate about serving others through The South Carolina Philharmonic, The Greater CWC and Irmo Chambers of Commerce, and Celebrate Freedom Foundation.

JB’s compassion for helping people with their financial puzzles stems from his father, an Investment Specialist, who passed away when JB was eight years old. His "why" for being an advisor is to give back to help other families and businesses weather emotional and financial storms because many years ago there was a great financial advisor who was there to help in his family’s time of need.

JB and his wife of 11 years have two boys who love to race him down waterslides when on vacation.

Brandon Hill

Senior Advisor

After six years of successful real estate investing, Brandon earned his insurance license in the spring of 2007 and has assisted many individuals and families in protecting their well-being and way of life through health & disability coverage, providing them peace of mind with life & long-term care insurance, and securing their retirement years in meeting their financial objectives with annuities and other safe money accounts. In addition to representing many insurance carriers as an independent agent, Brandon specializes in marketing, compliance, case design & processing, and client administration in his operations role at Beckett Financial Group.

Brandon has lived in the Columbia area since 1990, attended Lexington High School and the University of South Carolina and is a Gamecocks basketball and soccer season ticket holder. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, evenings out in Columbia, weekends with all manner of sports, travel, concerts, and long walks around his West Columbia neighborhood.

laura evans

Director of Client Relations & Events Coordinator

At Beckett Financial Group, Laura is the driving force behind the scenes. As Director of Client Relations and Event Coordinator, she is committed to transforming every client's uncertainty into absolute financial security throughout their retirement journey. With meticulous attention to detail, Laura crafts engaging client events and extends genuine care to each individual in the office, fostering a sense of belonging within the Beckett Financial Group family. Witnessing clients achieve their retirement goals is the most rewarding aspect of Laura’s role and reminds her of why she, along with the rest of her team, do what they do.

Outside of work, you can find Laura planning her next vacation. She and her husband Jason have been married for over 25 years and have 3 wonderful sons, who all love to travel. They are currently looking forward to checking another National Park off their list! If she is not roaming the globe, Laura enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time with a good book and her two cats.

nick duvall


Nick Duvall is an adept financial analyst with a passion for meticulous planning. His expertise lies in crafting personalized retirement plans for each client, understanding that everyone's financial goals are distinct and individualized. Nick takes great pride in delivering top-tier service, offering unwavering assistance to all he encounters. Guided by his commitment to excellence, he carefully selects the finest financial products, ensuring every client can transition into retirement with confidence and peace of mind.

Nick was born and raised in South Carolina, where he still currently lives with his wife of 28 years, Anna. Since becoming empty nesters after their son (25) and daughter (23) have begun their own lives, Nick and his wife enjoy cooking, taking trips to Surfside Beach, S.C., and spending time with family and friends.

crissy roddy

Financial Educator and Community Relations Liaison

Crissy Roddy, the Financial Educator and Community Relations Liaison at Beckett Financial Group, feels connection is of the utmost importance in both career and personal life. She works to connect clients with reliable businesses in the community, allowing them to build their own relationships and take further steps along the journey to retirement. Crissy most enjoys making the potentially scary path to retirement as simple and secure as possible for the individuals and families at Beckett Financial Group.

Outside of her family at Beckett Financial Group, Crissy has been married to her husband for 23 years. Together they are raising two teenagers! In her free time Chrissy enjoys spending her time both indoors reading and crafting, and outdoors exploring National Parks around the country.